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And I'll Show You How To Get Your Confidence Back, Stop The Diet Rollercoaster, Have The Energy To Play With The Kids, And Make These Changes Permanent 

Discover How YOU Can Get Off The Diet Roller Coaster Forever, Lose the Weight For Good, And Get Your Health, Energy, and Confidence Back, So That You Can Start Living Your Best Life... The Life YOU Deserve!


First, We'll Get Your Habits In Check

  • We'll be holding you accountable with weekly check ins and daily support.
  • We'll be taking you through a habit rebuild phase to drop the habits that don't serve who you want to become.
  • We'll be helping you implement simple changes that don't require you to sacrifice your life.

    Second, We'll Rebuild Your Metabolism

  • We'll get your body into an optimal fat burning phase to have you seeing results in the first 7 days.
  • We'll be prescribing customized nutrition plans even the family will enjoy.
  • We'll be tapping into your energy stores to ensure you feel focused and energized through the entire day.

Finally, We Shift Your Perspective

  • We'll help you destroy limiting beliefs and unconscious behaviors that may be holding you back.
  • We'll be educating you on exactly HOW and WHY weight loss works so you can keep your results for life.
  • We'll help you become a high performance human so you can win at life.

Even tackling one of these problems will increase your chances of keeping the weight off by 20, 30, or even up to 50%. By fixing all of these problems, you WILL achieve long term results.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life And Become The Woman You Want To Be?

My name is Seleah and I want to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Throughout my adolescence I struggled so much with my weight, and my physical appearance.
From freshman year up until my senior year in high school I tried on numerous
occasions to lose weight…..
and ……nothing….ever worked.
Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was this chubby girl staring back at me.
It made me feel uncomfortable
I hated how I looked
I hated how I felt
I was so fucking insecure
I was so damned puzzled as to why I was carrying extra weight.
I played tennis
I played softball
I played basketball
I was always involved in sports….so why the fuck was I not in the best shape ever!?
Every diet you can name…I tried it.
I cut carbs out
I drank only disgusting shakes
I starved myself
All of these failed attempts led me to developing an eating disorder which lasted 2 years.
I was so good at hiding it too….
That no one ever knew about it…until now.
I would go to the bodega and buy loads of junk food
Come home…..lock myself in my bedroom
Stuff my face…..then run to the bathroom and throw it all up.
This shit was nonstop for two fucking years.
It got so bad…..I started throwing up blood.
When I graduated from high school, I told myself enough was enough.
I honestly don’t know how the hell I did it…
but I somehow I got myself in the right mindset and I was finally able to shed the weight….in a healthy way!

I dropped about 30-40 lbs, and felt so fucking good about myself.

This is why I decided to become a fitness coach…
because I know there are so many other ladies out there who struggle with their weight
There are so many ladies who have tried everything….and I am so sorry that your past attempts may have failed you.
I want you to get started on the right path…
and not have to endure the crazy shit I went through.
Please do not look at me as if I am
perfect….because I have definitely been through a lot of hard shit throughout my fitness journey.
All of my hardships was a crazy learning experience
But it has led me to where I am now.
You are not alone  

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