ready to change your life, forever?

Here’s the secret to losing 20+ lbs and recharging your health …

(No diets, pills, or deprivation allowed.)

Hey, beautiful…

>>Do you struggle with a few extra pesky pounds that don’t seem to want to budge? 

>>Are you ready to slim down and sizzle – but you have no idea where to start?

>>Are you tired of weight loss programs, pills, and gimmicks that don’t work?

>>Are you ready to feel alive again like you used to before the demands of life got in the way? 

>>Are you ready to kick out the “extra-baggage” blues and welcome endless energy and bliss into your life? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone!

Especially when life gets busy, it can be all too easy to lose sight of yourself and let your health slip. Instead of working out at home before work, you’d rather cuddle up under a blanket and sleep for an extra hour or two. You spoil yourself with one too many sugary treats, skip the workout for a few too many dates with your cozy pajamas, and probably indulge in fast food and fattening crockpot meals more often than you should. Why not, when you can cover it all up with totally trendy, extra-large t-shirts and sweaters anyway?

I get it...

Unfortunately, those not-so-great choices we make finally catch up to us when we realize shorts and bikini season is just around the corner, or we have to squeeze into that two-sizes-too-small pants suit for a big meeting, or our friend is having a summer wedding and we actually have to show our legs…

For when that sobering dose of reality hits (we’ve been there, gorgeous), I have the perfect all-natural, no-nonsense solution to beating the “extra baggage” blues and reclaiming your smoking self…

Introducing The Fit Fierce Academy 

An online coaching program designed to jumpstart your weight loss, help you lose 20+ pounds (on average), rejuvenate your body and mind, and reclaim your health!

Hi! My name is Seleah Koneh-Rosario and I’m a certified health coach who has helped over hundreds of women reclaim their health through proper training and zero restrictive eating. I’m certified through American Council on Exercise and have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. If you’re like millions of others, you’re sick of bland, low-fat boxed meals, incorrect information (and an overload of it), so-called magic pills, and fad diets. I was too. I’ve been where you are, frustrated and annoyed with trying to lose weight when life is pulling you in every other direction. 

Just like you, I knew I wanted to lose weight, feel good, get healthier, and gain access to that natural source of energy I so dearly missed. I was ready to commit, but unsure where to turn to do it. I created my online coaching program Fit Fierce Academy to answer that huge need and to help my clients cut through the clutter, regain control of their health, eat delicious food, and lose excess weight so they can feel like their absolute best selves year-round. It all starts with you making the commitment to move your health and wellbeing from the backburner all the way to front and center. Once you make the commitment, the magic starts happening.

A few things you’ll learn in my coaching:

>> Learn about proper portion control – one of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss success.

 >>Reframe your mindset, ditch bad habits and integrate positive rituals into your life. 

>>Workout for your body and goals 

>>Learn how to balance your meals and supply your body with the adequate amount of nutrition so that you can shrink your waistline and improve digestion and nutrient assimilation. 

>>Learn how to make the right choices for your health regardless of the environment you’re in. From Italian fare to burger joints, I’ll teach you how to pick and choose meals to help melt the fat away instead of leaving you with dreaded belly bloat.

 >>And so much more

The commitment is yours to make, but as a health coach dedicated to your success, I will be with you every step of the way!

This program is chock-full of everything you need to step up your weight loss game, overcome that stubborn plateau or just simply get started on your fitness journey if you have no idea where to start.

Constant commuinication 

WORKOUTs to get your energy back


Ready to start your transformation? Here’s how the process works:
>> Fill out the coaching application by clicking the link below
>> I will be in touch within 48 hours so we can chat and see if we are a good fit!

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