Get lean in quarantine

ATTN: Ladies of Union & Middlesex County, NJ

🌞💪🏽Lets get fit for summer 🌞💪🏽 I am looking for 10 ladies to come on board and take part in my  transformation program.

Yes, gyms are closed. Yes, we're stuck in the house. But that does not mean you should put a hold on your fitness goals. 
Lets not wait until governor Murphy opens the gyms back up to resume our healthy living.

I am here to help you get lean during quarantine.

//How does it work?\
Start training with me now, virtually. Sessions will be switched over to in person training when the quarantine has been lifted. In person training sessions will be held at a private studio in Cranford,NJ.

//What will my training do for you?\ 
-Drop 2 jean sizes
-Strength gains like you’ve never had before
-Confidence to wear the clothes you want to wear -Learn about proper nutrition
-Burn stubborn body fat
-Build muscle

💪What does it include💪
- 2-3 weekly training sessions
- Nutrition support
 - Online support group
- Monitoring of progress
-Workout plans to follow when self training

🚫I don't want to work with🚫
 -And people that aren't prepared to work hard to achieve epic results If you are willing to do whatever it takes. To finally achieve the results you truly desire. Apply now for one of just 10 spaces available.

Here's a snippet of the in person training sessions.

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Fitness Plans Specific to Your Needs

Proper form, no injury

Start training with me virtually at home, sessions will be later switched to in person studio sessions.

Get More Energy

Feel Good Every Day

Better Quality of Life

Get started today

Real people, real results.

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