Train With Seleah Online- Terms of Service

By signing up for Train With Seleah, I agree to the following terms:

1) My credit card on file will be charged every month consecutively.
2) No refunds will be issued for any reason.
3) Online Training program is a minimum commitment of 3 months and continues onto a recurring month to month
automatic billing.
4) Expiration date of services.Online training services will expire 30 days from the last billing date.
5)Assumption of Risk. Client has obtained a release for exercise from Client’s Physician if deemed necessary . Client
understands that there are risks involved in any exercise program. Client releases and holds harmless Trainer.
6) Undertakings of Client. Client takes full responsibility for Client’s health and well being. Client is encouraged to
ask questions or request modifications to Client’s exercise program, if necessary or desirable, at any time. Client
agrees to stop any exercise that feels excessively uncomfortable or painful and to explain the circumstances to Trainer
7. Client’s Commitment Client understands that the program and advice received from Trainer are not guaranteed
to have the results desired by client since such success rests greatly upon each individual and upon how faithful each
individual adheres to the suggested program and recommendations. Client commits to pursue a positive and healthy
lifestyle and to faithfully follow the program suggested in order to better Client’s health and life.
8) Termination of Training Agreement Procedure: Download and print a copy of termination form at Please send completed form via email to with the following subject: “Termination of Training Agreement”. The completed form
must be received at least fifteen (15) days prior to next billing date.
9) Early Termination Fee: If training contract needs to be terminated early for any reason before the client fulfills
the commitment, an early termination fee will be charged. This fee is 25% of the remaining balance.
10) Early Termination: When terminating the contract early before the monthly obligation have been fulfilled, an
early termination fee must be paid in full at least (15) days prior to the scheduled billing date to avoid being charged
for that month.
Both the trainer and client will maintain an open line of communication throughout the course of service.
15) Client’s Contact Information: It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure contact information is all up to date.
(phone number, email address, home address)