10893671_10152727651931130_988490886_n Hi my name is Seleah , and I am a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise.  I reside in Linden,NJ and I train clients in Union County New Jersey area. I specialize in weight loss and strength training. I am what you would call a ‘gym rat.’ I workout for about 6 days a week because I love it. If I am not home, you will most likely find me at the gym.This is my lifestyle.  I’ve been into fitness since my early teenage years. Ever since I was a chubby little girl in high-school, I always knew I wanted to become a personal trainer.

I am finally making my dreams a reality by helping those in need. I’ve made so many mistakes throughout my fitness journey but at the same time I have learned so much throughout the process. I’m here to help those who want to get in shape and feel better about themselves. I will help you get started the right way with the right support and guidance. I love helping others and  watching   the          transformation that one’s body is capable of undergoing through hard work and consistency.