Do you currently struggle with high body fat, especially stubborn belly fat? Are you also trying to tone up? Have you had success?

Do you lead a busy life as a working professional or mom  and find it hard to eat right and make it to the gym? Would you love to finally find the solution that will not only help you burn body fat, but  a solution that will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy without starving or depriving yourself in the process?


I completely understand your frustration. When I first started my fitness journey, I did everything wrong. Yo-yo dieting, too much cardio, I experienced several plateaus. You name it…chances are I’ve experienced it.


If you have no idea where you should begin with your health and fitness goals I am here to help. I want to ensure you start your fitness journey on the right path with my remote  online training.


My name is Seleah and  I help  extremely busy people, who struggle with a lack of time build lean muscle, burn stubborn body fat, and feel sexy in their bodies without depriving yourself of the delicious food you enjoy.

I’ll show you how to…..


lose weight


build lean muscle


and feel more confident about your body


with my online training in 90 days!


All from the comfort of your own home

Want results like this?

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What is online training?


When you hire a trainer in a local gym, they ONLY keep you accountable when you see them. Most people struggle when they are not in the gym training.. In the real world, where you spend the majority of your time, can make or break you getting the results you want. You may spend an hour working out, but what happens during those other 23 hours of the day?


This is when the real results come. What  you choose to do outside of the time you are training in the gym can make or break you achieving the results you desire. Whether if your goal is to drop your body fat, or gain lean muscle I will be here to help. I am here to coach you throughout your journey.

I offer support via email and monthly calls which will help you be accountable, stay consistent and prevent you from plateauing which means YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT without the crazy prices of face to face personal training.


Online training vs In person training

Schedule conflicts can be a huge issue with in person training. Training inside the gym means training around the personal trainer’s schedule. You can now workout based off of your schedule. Your busy lifestyle will no longer interfere with you accomplishing your fitness goals.

No more having to cancel your booked training session at the last minute due to working overtime, or being stuck in traffic while on your way to the gym.


 I’ve witnessed this countless amount of times. A client books a 6pm training session. However, while on their way to the studio they are stuck in traffic, and comes in 15 minutes late.You just lost 15 minutes from a session you paid your hard earned money for.


The worst case scenario? You book a training session and end up having to completely cancel at the last minute due to work. Most trainers implement a 24 hour cancellation policy, now you just missed a session you’ve already paid for.

Online training also allows you to save TIME. No more, 15-20 minute commute to the gym, and then another 15-20 minute commute back home.


Here’s what you get







The average price for a single one-on-one training session is $80-$100 per session! Save time and money by working out on your own schedule, I’ll be here to keep you accountable, rates are as low as $37 per week.

• Monthly custom program design (a new workout routine is delivered to you each month)

• Introductory nutrition talk

• Access to Train With Seleah training app (ios & Android available)

• Exercise demonstrations (shows you how to properly execute the movements to prevent injury)

• Weekly email check ins

• Monthly video check ins

• On going food dairy review, nutrition support and macro coaching

Online Training Application

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